Staying focused was no longer an issue.

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I started to build my presence online. I had the money to do it and time to get a start and maybe hit a spike here and there. Possibly enough to go viral. I wanted my own website for people to download my music and videos. I would use social media as well. I knew I had to move fast.

Luckily for me, that was just kinda how the internet works. Fast. I knew that so I started looking for ways to start marketing my music online. What I didn’t expect to find actually let me to success. Of course, the internet is full of rabbit holes that will get you off track on what your goals are. I had to stay focused.

I actually started out by looking up “online marketing tactics” the results weren’t so fruitfully. Being self-made I had to find something that was proven to work in the music industry. I started to look at musician blogs and found a lot of useful information. However, I still had a lot of questions.

I found a couple forums that I made into the family during my time away from my own. I did so much research and found many of my questions already answered. Questions I didn’t have the answer to I would ask and there the answer was. Hours of communication with some of them and discovered this is how I should spread my presence.