Mold and water restoration in Music Studio’s are needed more than you may think

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When it comes to owning any business it’s smart to be prepared for any situation that could come forward. After opening multiple studio sections I would have never guessed all the incidents that happen. Check out these issues I’ve had in my sections recently Water damage Fire damage Floor Repair Carpet Repair I believe it’s due to having many different novice studio businesses in a small area with very little risk management. It seems that when many of these situations happen it’s because of someone two booths down made a mistake everyone is now paying for.

Staying focused was no longer an issue.

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I started to build my presence online. I had the money to do it and time to get a start and maybe hit a spike here and there. Possibly enough to go viral. I wanted my own website for people to download my music and videos. I would use social media as well. I knew I had to move fast. Luckily for me, that was just kinda how the internet works. Fast. I knew that so I started looking for ways to start marketing my music online. What I didn’t expect to find actually let me to success. Of course, the internet is full of rabbit holes that will get you off track on what your goals are. I had to stay focused.

My focus ran dry..

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I had a great job auto window tinting and loved the people. They loved my music and shared it with people they knew. Having such a comfortable experience got me to stay where I was for around 6 months. I hadn’t improved my situation for a long time because I had a place to stay for me and my family. Something had to change in order to get me to where I wanted to be. I started looking more and more into different opportunities around me. I wanted to be around music and I knew that much but I didn’t know where to start. One thing I did consider is that it’s 2016 and the internet exists. Check out more about Dizaynus here.

Pest control services needed in a near by art gallery?

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Enjoying the DC Moore gallery today and then I noticed a massive RAT! I ran and grabbed the phone and called a pest control service company that quickly rushed over to assist. It has been a very long time since I had seen rat like that one. I had to write about the way it made me feel. In Istanbul, it wasn’t very uncommon to see a rat in the same room as yu. Here in NYC, it’s completely different story. If someone at the gallery would have seen the rat then the whole party would have shut down. The pest control company did exactly as I asked them and stayed as quiet as possible. Want to learn more about our mission? Click Here

Reaching out to car audio companies for help was a great idea.

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I thought to myself who else would want to play my music? I found a company willing to play my music as the test sounds during lunch hours. To me, that was a fantastic news! I was now able to have my Istanbul studio music played at the most peak time for people to be walking by. I thanked the window tinting and car audio business and then went on the search. I had a list of items I would need. CD’s to sell in front of the store Online downloadable content Logo Kiosk I set up shop right out front of Audio Tint Force and began to offer free downloads of the music their hearing. People actually responded! By the end of day one, my album had been downloaded nearly 116 times. I was so happy but I knew I had a long way to go. I wanted thousands of people to be downloading my music every day before I start charging for it.

Why we began Istanbul music in New York

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In 2006 I moved out of Istanbul and went on to a life in America. I was only 18 years old but I wanted to bring something new to an area so badly but didn’t know what to introduce to Turkey or Istanbul. Once I realized I could take something that I know and love (music) and share it with people who don’t know the enjoyment it gives people just like me. little did I know that New York had so much to show me. In my years in the big city, I have learned so much. I have been back home many times and taught what New Yorkers call street smarts. With the help of many of them, I have been able to start Dizaynus.   The first year. It was fast and a rush. I’ve heard it said that if you can live in New York you can live anywhere. Well, I guess I can live just about anywhere but the adjustment from Istanbul lifestyle was not easy. The first year wasn’t easy I knew my goal was to build something similar to what Dizaynus is today. However, I never was able to target exactly what it was I wanted. I knew I wanted to grow my business and help people here in the states with Turkish heritage music. I knew that my passion for the music and love for my home country would be enough to keep me on track and get me to my goals. New York has many attractions and distractions. I can’t say that getting this far has been easy. I can’t say that this is as far as I’ll go, however. I will say this, if I could take back the first year and replace it I wouldn’t. Although I wasted so much time and energy on nearly nothing. It taught me to stay young and remember life is to be enjoyed. When my business took off. After I had been down every rabbit hole in NYC. I decided to actually start taking my life a little more seriously. I was working as a delivery boy for a sandwich delivery company for mostly tips. Riding a bike that much in the city was a great workout but not so much for growing my music ambitions. I had been injured in a try-out for the NYC police academy. I didn’t even stop to ask why I was going to this school 3 weeks into the program. I sprain my ankle badly. Tear in my left ACL. I was down and had no legs to deliver anymore. I was out of luck and had no one to reach out too.

Humble beginnings growing up in Istanbul

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Being born in Istanbul we have a very tight bond with the music of the Istanbul culture. As I grew up music became a huge part of my life. Little did I know the difference of music outside of my home county. I was completely obsessed with Music as a child growing up into my teens I would grab other people and force them to join in. I remember fondly of asking my classmates what types of music they were into and if they knew how to play any instruments. of course, I would a lot of yes answers then come to find out that it wasn’t that true. However, over time, I would build a small clique of friends that all had Istanbul music close to heart. Along with my journeys, I have met many different people who have motivated me to do better and grow my musical passion into a thriving business.