Reaching out to car audio companies for help was a great idea.

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I thought to myself who else would want to play my music? I found a company willing to play my music as the test sounds during lunch hours. To me, that was a fantastic news! I was now able to have my Istanbul studio music played at the most peak time for people to be walking by. I thanked the window tinting and car audio business and then went on the search. I had a list of items I would need. CD’s to sell in front of the store Online downloadable content Logo Kiosk I set up shop right out front of Audio Tint Force and began to offer free downloads of the music their hearing. People actually responded! By the end of day one, my album had been downloaded nearly 116 times. I was so happy but I knew I had a long way to go. I wanted thousands of people to be downloading my music every day before I start charging for it.